READ ME FIRST: Online Booking Steps

  1. Check your eligibility. If your pet is eight years old or more, if he/she has any health concerns, if she is a female dog currently in heat or a female dog or cat who has had a litter in the last eight weeks, or if you are applying for financial aid or a special rate, call us for more information or to book at 616-455-8220.

  2. If your pet is under eight years old, healthy, and you are not applying for financial aid or a special rate, fill out the request below, making sure to check your email frequently and leave a phone number where we can reach you between 9a-4p Mon-Fri.

  3. Because of limitations in the number and size of kennels available on any given day, we ask you to be as accurate as possible in filling out the form.

  4. At the bottom of the form, you will find a list of available dates. Appointments are available Monday through Thursday each week (drop off 8-8:30am, dog release on the same day at 4pm, cat release at 7:30am the following morning). Once your request is reviewed we will either approve the request and send you an email with next steps or call you to schedule for an alternate date. Either way, we still need to hear from you to conduct your surgical pre-screening interview in advance of your appointment. This is a 5-10 minute call.
    1. Don’t pick today or tomorrow, because processing time for online requests can be 2-3 business days. If you need an appointment tomorrow, call us at 616-455-8220.

    2. While the online booking system will let you choose a date farther out, C-SNIP only books 2-3 weeks at a time. If you request a date farther in advance, you will hear from us once we have that date available to schedule.
  5. The response time for online requests can be 2-3 business days. If your appointment is accepted, you will receive an email notification.

  6. To help us respond as quickly and efficiently as possible, do not submit more than 1 online request per dog or cat.

Simple, right? Okay, we know, it may seem like a lot to navigate. But quality care comes first, so we’ve put protocols in place to make sure we can give that level of care to your dog(s) or cat(s). Thank you for spaying and neutering.